Popular Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect day of the year to get a glimpse of what it is like to live in someone else's shoes. You can take advantage of the day to pretend you are your favorite superhero, movie star, cartoon character, or other similar identities. Before Halloween comes around, think about what you'd like to dress up as and talk to your kids about what they'd like to be. To help you decide, here are some popular Halloween costumes for children and adults.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Men

Men tend to purchase Halloween costumes that are funny, scary, or are super hero in theme. Some of the more popular Halloween costumes for men include super heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. Men also like to dress up as pirates, especially as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Men have loved the Star Wars films for decades, so it isn't surprising that Darth Vader and other characters of the film are also popular. Pimps, ghosts and ghouls, zombies, prisoners, and dressing up as a woman are all timeless and popular Halloween costumes for men.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Women

Women tend to wear sexy costumes for Halloween, since this one day of the year they feel that their clothes will not affect their reputation. Some of the popular Halloween costumes for women include goddesses, nurses, cops, fairies and witches. Some women like to dress up and show their innocent and conservative side, with costumes like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, or a sexy nurse. Dressing up as a baby, a vampire, a wench, or a zombie prom queen are also some of the more popular Halloween costumes For Women.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Girls

Glitz and glamour are what girl's Halloween costumes are all about. The more sparkle there is, the happier they will be. Most little girls like to dress up as princesses, ballerinas, the latest girl pop superstars, fairies, cheerleaders, and cowgirls. Tween girls like girl television character costumes like Hannah Montana and iCarly. Older teen girls will want to appear older and will most likely choose costume types from the women's category.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys

Little boys like to dress up just as much as girls do, although they may not dress up as often. Boys, like men, will typically go for super heroes like: Batman, Spider-man, and Superman; movie characters from Transformers, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Toy Story; television characters from shows like Ben 10 and Power Rangers; as well as pirates, zombies, and ghosts.

Popular Halloween Costumes for Infants and Babies

Although your little one might be too young to go trick or treating, it is still fun to dress them up in cute costumes while they ride along in the stroller for trick or treating, go with you to Halloween parties or to family and friend's homes, or you hold them when you pass out candy. Some of the cutest and most popular Halloween costumes for infants include peas in a pod, bunnies, lions, monkeys, cows, dinosaurs, chicks, Disney characters, and bumblebees.

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