Promise Coupons For Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

Every year it is difficult to come up with something new and creative for your spouse on Valentine's Day. There are generic coupon books out there, but to be truly creative, you can create your own coupon book that is specific to your spouse and what they would enjoy the most.

Here are a number of ideas for coupons beyond the promises of backrubs, foot massages or unlimited kisses. These are practical ideas for the married couple that will show your spouse that you really are the creative, thoughtful person that they fell in love with.

Free Babysitting Coupon:

Tell your spouse that they have a 4 hour (more if you are generous) pass, whenever they want and you will watch the children hassle free. Your spouse can do whatever they want with this time and you promise that you will not bother them, call them on the cell phone, or ask them to do any type of errand while they are out.

Get Out of Jail Free Coupon:

Inevitably, you and your spouse will argue. This argument may be over something pointless or it may be huge. Whatever the case, the get out of jail free coupon allows your spouse to be completely forgiven, no matter how angry you are at the time.

Movie of Your Choice Coupon:

This coupon, when used, entitles the bearer to one night out to a movie of their choice. No whining about the movie being a chick flick or too violent. This coupon can include unlimited popcorn and soda as well.

What's For Supper Coupon:

This is for a night when the recipient has no idea what to have, it';s their turn to cook, and they've had it. This coupon allows the bearer to scream and shout, 'what's for supper' and the spouse has to smile and come up with a plan all on their own.

author: Melissa Nykorchuk

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