Recycling Old Mobile Phones

Buying a new mobile phone can create quite a dilemma. What should you do with your old mobile phone? People frequently ask themselves the questions, Should I sell my old mobile phone? Or, should I keep it, in case it comes in handy at a later date?

If you have an old mobile phone, and it is not getting much use, then the ideal solution would be to sell the phone. Here, we will discuss some of the benefits of selling your old mobile phones.

When you sell your old mobile phone, it is normally to a commercial enterprise that specialises in mobile recycling. These companies take some of the components of your old mobile phone to create an entirely new phone. This benefits the environment in two ways. Firstly, because there is no need to bury non-degradable materials in a landfill site, these materials do not cause toxic damage to the earth's core. Secondly, mobile phone companies use existing resources to manufacture their phones, rather than creating the materials from scratch, where processing techniques would have a larger carbon footprint, and thus cause more environmental damage.

For the less ecologically minded, selling your old mobile phone has another advantage: money in your pocket. Choosing to sell your old mobile phone with a business that specialises in the area means receiving the best price for your goods. Most mobile phones are accepted, and many fetch decent sums of money. Depending on the model, and whether the phone is in good working order, you can make as much as €150 for your old phone.

Therefore, next time you ask yourself, should I sell my old mobile phone? perhaps you should consider the environmental and fiscal benefits that selling your old phone will bring you.

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