Road Trip: On a Budget

Vacation season is just around the corner and you might be planning your summer and fall vacations. But does this year got your down because you might not have enough money? If you are tight on money and on a budget, you can still have the vacation you want with these money saving tips.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead can save you a bundle on a road trip. Knowing all details from where you will stay, what activities you will be doing and how long you will be staying are all things that will help you save as much money as possible.

Plan ahead of schedule as early as you possibly can. This allows for a more relaxed planning and is less stressful generally. This can help save money in things you otherwise might have overlooked.

Having a travel agent can help you save money. They can save you money on hotels, car rentals, camping gear and many more other things on your road trip. Travel agents usually have access to the newest maps and travel guides to almost every area of the world. They are usually on top of all new travel trends. They are there to help you decide on a destination and how you will arrive there.


There are so many destinations from which to choose: beaches, resorts, state and national parks and many others. Beaches are an important tourist attraction. Sometimes, they are a resort and beach all in one.

Local, state and national parks are also important to tourism and travel. They are generally cheaper, especially local and state because they may be located nearer your home than some others such as beaches and resorts.

Choose your destination wisely. Deciding beforehand where you will go greatly affects the budget. Some highly traveled places such as popular resorts, beaches and other such tourist attractions become booked well ahead of the travel seasons of summer and fall.

Another thing to consider when choosing the destination is whether the place is highly traveled. Most places that are famous tourist attractions are higher in price. Ask yourself if you really want that sort of attraction or is there something else similar but lower in price?

Book and Call Ahead

If you plan on staying in a hotel, motel or resort area, be sure to book ahead. Some places book for months even years ahead. They can be that highly traveled. Using a travel agent can help you save money on booking ahead. But most places can book ahead with a major credit card or even debit card these days. Ask if there are any discounts available for certain packages.

Call ahead before you take the trip to be sure everything is set up okay. Sometimes, places may over book or problems may have occurred. Be sure to have plenty of time between the time you call and the time you plan to leave for your road trip. That gives more time to change plans if need be.


A road trip usually means that you will be traveling by car, truck or similar vehicle. Use these tips to be sure you and the car arrive safely at your destination.

You may want to rent a car. This can save wear and tear on your own vehicle. Most car rental places have some restrictions on travel so be sure to plan ahead. Call them to ask about any specials so you can save money. Also, ask about restrictions such as time and mileage. This can save money by avoiding any unexpected fees.

If you are taking your own car, make sure the car is tuned up and has an oil change. This can save money because it prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your car. Be sure to inflate the tires to the proper inflation so that you get the best gas mileage.

Planning a road trip doesn't have to be hard. Plan ahead and have a back up plan, just in case things don't go as planned. The better prepared you are, the better the road trip will be.

author: Katina Lewis

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