Runaway Brides (and Grooms): Why Eloping is Becoming Popular Again

Julia Roberts was the ultimate 'Runaway Bride,' but she isn't the only one. Brides are running away to get married. Many couples are choosing to go on a holiday together to get married, avoiding the expenses and the dramas of a big wedding reception. In the past, eloping was a second best option, only chosen by brides and grooms who needed to get married quickly. Then, Las Vegas typified the way to elope. Now, beach holiday destinations are the popular choice for couples who want to elope.

Save Money

The biggest advantage of eloping is saving on the reception costs. A couple who elopes may have a lovely dinner at an expensive restaurant to celebrate their nuptials, but will save money on paying for catering for many family members and friends. As most weddings cost between $30 and $120 per person, this is a tremendous saving.

While many eloping brides still purchase a new dress, it is often less expensive than a traditional bridal gown, and is likely to be a dress she will wear again to other parties and events. While many couples still hire a professional photographer to capture the joy of the day, they'll avoid other costs like hiring cars, expensive floral arrangements, and a formal wedding cake. Some couples will choose to elope and enjoy a simple wedding ceremony and then have money for a house deposit.

Save Family Dramas

With divorce rates high, some couples choose to elope to avoid some family dramas or tensions. If you elope, you avoid wondering how your mother, step-mother, father, and step-father and all the in-laws will get along together. You won't worry about Uncle Lewis getting drunk and making a horrible scene and you won't worry that Aunty Linda will make a move on the best man.

Even the best families can find weddings tense, especially if the bride and groom come from different backgrounds. Cross-cultural weddings can be particularly stressful as the couple tries to include customs from two different cultures into the ceremony and the reception.

Increase the Romance

Some couples think that eloping is a more romantic way to exchange their wedding vows. This means that the ceremony is private and the couple can focus on each other, instead of finding distractions in the crowd and the trappings of the traditional wedding ceremony. Some couples will invite a close friend or two or just their parents to attend the wedding ceremony as witnesses, while others will simply enjoy the day alone together. Either way, a small ceremony without many people around allows the bride and groom to focus on the romance of the ceremony.

Enjoy a Honeymoon

Some couples have financial constraints and have to choose between a wedding and a nice vacation. Choosing to elope combines the wedding with the vacation. The savings on the lavish reception will allow the couple to go to an exotic location for their honeymoon. Hawaii, Thailand, and Fiji are popular destinations for eloping couples, but you have the freedom to choose anywhere you like for the ceremony.

If you decide to get married in another country, you may need to check the legality of the marriage within your home country. Some couples have simple registry wedding after the honeymoon to ensure the marriage is legally registered.

Elopements are gaining in popularity as many couples choose to save money by avoiding the traditional wedding ceremony and expensive reception. By combining the honeymoon with the actual wedding, couples can enjoy a private, romantic wedding ceremony in a relaxed atmosphere.

author: Hayley Hunkin

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