Safety Tips for Your Home While on Vacation

If you are going away on vacation for a while, it's important to arrange to safeguard your home in your absence. This is important for several reasons including protecting the most expensive thing that you own, remaining worry free while you are away, and having no problems to deal with when you arrive back home. Simply follow as many of the following tips as you can to ensure the safety of your home.

Safety Tips for Your Home

  • Outside lighting - Install motion detector lights on the outside of your home and garage if you don't already have them. Motion detector lights, deterrents for burglars, should be positioned on the corners of your home. With this positioning, they are able to catch any motion from different angles. Therefore, they can detect anyone who approaches from around the corner. It's important to position the motion sensors up high so that they aren't easily disabled by anyone unscrewing the light bulbs. Before you leave for vacation, check to see that the light bulbs work.
  • Windows - Lock windows securely. Curtains, blinds, shades, and drapes should be fully drawn before you leave. This will prevent anyone from looking inside. Secure your window by placing a wooden bar or metal rod in such a way that it prevents the window from being opened.
  • Inside lighting - Use timing devices programmed to turn on your inside lights to make it look as though you are currently in your home. Position the devices in different locations within your home. This minimal expense provides a great deal of peace of mind. Use an arrangement that includes the major rooms in the home such as the living room, kitchen, and your bedrooms. These devices can also be attached to turn on radios.
  • Shrubbery - Trim shrubbery away from your windows to prevent potential burglars from hiding behind them. Although you should keep up with this throughout the year, do it now if you haven't. Trim any shrubbery near your doors and the garage or patio as well.
  • Doors - Securely lock all doors, including storm doors that you won't use when you return home. Additionally, target your motion light detectors toward the doorways.
  • Garage - Lock any doors to the garage upon leaving for your trip. No matter how inconvenient this will be once you arrive back home, it is important to the security of your home to do so. Unplug the garage door opener if you have one. It is possible to use these if the power is turned on and connected to them.
  • Valuables - Place your valuables in a safe, safety deposit box, or a locked closet. Compile a list of the serial numbers for anything of value that might be stolen, including, jewelry, coins, televisions, radios, computer equipment, DVD players, CD changers, VCRs, cameras, and other electronic equipment. Take photographs of antiques if you don't have papers identifying their value.
  • Secrecy - Park any cars that you will not be driving behind closed garage doors to prevent potential burglars from guessing that you are away.
  • Security Cameras - Consider getting a security camera to watch over your house. You can log in over the internet to check up on the house and can also have it send you an email with photos whenever movement is detected.

It's important to note that following these safety tips can help to protect your home and its contents even when you aren't on vacation. However, it is critical to do so when you are away for an extended time.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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