Reasons Why You Might Want to Get a Saltwater Swimming Pool

Having a backyard pool is one of the many pleasures of owning your own home. What better way is there to cool off on a hot summer day than to dip your feet into the crisp, clean water of your swimming pool? Plus, swimming is a great way to get in a bit of daily exercise and stay healthy.

Whether it is an above ground one or an in-ground version, the traditional style of pool for many homeowners is the chlorinated type. For many swimmers, chlorinated water is a bit too harsh for delicate skin, causing them to break out in painful rashes. For those individuals who like to swim under the water, chlorinated pools can cause pain and discomfort to the eyes.

Converting your chlorine pool into a saltwater one offers quite a few benefits, besides the fact that you no longer have to smell the harsh aroma of pool chemicals. The water in saltwater pools is gentler on the skin of the people who swim in them. It is less harsh, so people rarely experience the type of skin rashes that often develop after swimming in overly chlorinated pools.

In fact, saltwater pools, also referred to as saline pools, feature water that is much softer than chlorinated water. It is easier on the hair, eyes, and skin. This could be due to the fact that the water has fewer chemicals in it. People with breathing problems that are triggered by harsh pool chemicals can enjoy swimming once again.

Saline pools are eco-friendly. After swimming in a saltwater pool, people don't need to rinse off nearly as long as they did when trying to rinse off chlorine and other pool chemicals. Therefore, less water is used.

Maintenance on a saltwater pool is much simpler than that of a chlorinated pool. Pool owners can also reap the benefits of not having to spend money on expensive pool chemicals throughout the swimming season. Plus, they can save on gas and time since they no longer need to frequent the pool supply store so often. Saltwater pools are cost effective.

Since saline pools do not require the use of numerous harsh chemicals for weekly maintenance, they are considered more environmentally friendly than chlorinated pools. Instead of chemicals, saline pools use special pool salt and a generator that converts the salt into a mild form of chlorine that keeps the pool clean and free from harmful bacteria. The chlorine is released slowly into the water, where it converts back into salt. Since the salt is conserved with this method, it is reused to keep the pool clean.

Summary: Traditional swimming pools are filled with harsh chemicals. Are there any other options for homeowners who want to put a pool in their backyard? A saltwater pool is a great option.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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