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Wedding Save the Date cards

All traditions change with time, and weddings are no exception. Once upon a time, inviting someone to your wedding meant sending out one invitation with the details and awaiting their RSVP card in return. Nowadays, with the many commitments and hectic schedules most people seem to have, sending out an invitation for a wedding two or three months in advance may mean that you never even have your RSVP card returned, let alone see your cherished friends and family at the ceremony.

The solution for avoiding scheduling and communication problems for the modern wedding is the 'Save the Date' card. Save the Date cards can be sent as soon as a wedding has been scheduled, which may be up to a year or more before the wedding actually takes place. Sending Save the Date cards can almost guarantee that your wedding is on your loved one's calendar before any prior commitment can take its place.

The only potential drawback to sending Save the Date cards is that the guest list must be made early on. This can sometimes be a stressful task for couples and their families, but all involved will likely be relieved to have it done early in the planning. In the event that anyone is forgotten, guests that did not receive Save the Date cards can always be added to the list when the formal invitations are sent.

When choosing a Save the Date card, it is important to consider whether you have chosen a location or a theme for your wedding. If so, Save the Date cards may be chosen to reflect these decisions. If not, it is best to go with a more neutral style, as this will not limit your future choices of wedding theme. If you find cards that you absolutely love, see if wedding invitations are available in a matching style and, if so, whether you may place your order for them at a later date when all the details of the ceremony have been decided.

Regardless of how far in advance you schedule your wedding, Save the Date cards are the best way to let guests know about your wedding plans as soon as possible, making it more likely that they will attend. Your friends and family will thank you for sending them, as they wouldn't want to miss your special day any more than you would.

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