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The area of Heriz is located in northwest Iran and is close to the Tabriz, which is where the art form of making Persian rugs seven thousand years ago first began. Serapi rugs are one of the many different types of rugs produced in this region. There are several regions that produce Heriz rugs and Serapi is one of them.

History of Serapi Rugs

Persian rugs have been handcrafted by Persian people since 5,500 B.C. This ancient art form was handed down through many different generations and is still employed today. It was not until the mid 1800s, during the period of colonization, that the exporting of Persian rugs began throughout the rest of the world. Prior to that time, the Serapi rugs were used only by the tribes who made them.

Different tribes had certain colors and designs that they used in their rugs. In addition, depending upon the area in Persia, they used certain types of materials. There are also two types of techniques used in making Persian rugs. This includes weaving and knotting.

Materials Used in Serapi Rugs

Wool is the material used to make Serapi Rugs. The wool in this region of the world is allegedly stronger than in other areas of Iran because the copper in the drinking water causes the sheep to produce higher quality wool. The wool used in Serapi rugs is incredibly strong and durable.

Serapi Rug Designs

Designs vary in these rugs but are usually not intricate. Serapi rugs are among the most inexpensive of all of the Persian rugs. They are often made in large warehouses or shops and mass produced to sell to the United States. While years ago they were woven or hand knotted, today, the rugs are made by machine.

What Other Regions Produce Serapi Rugs?

In addition to Serapi, the other regions in this Northernmost area in Iran that produce the rugs include the towns of Ahar, Heriz, Mehraban, Sarab, Bakhshaish and Gorevan.

Are The Rugs Expensive?

The Serapi rugs are not expensive at all and can easily be purchased for as little as €300. The most a rug should cost is €1000. The rugs are very tough and durable and are a favorite for those who want a warm, authentic Persian rug for their home.

How Are Serapi Rugs Used?

Serapi rugs are used solely for floor coverings. Because the wool is so strong, they are incredibly durable. They are sold all throughout the world and are especially popular in the United States.

The art of making Persian rugs varies from region to region in the area that is now known as Iran. Because ancient people who lived in Persia were tribal, most of the rugs that they made consisted of their tribe colors and symbols. Some of these ancient Persian rugs, including Serapi rugs, can be found hanging in museums in Iran as well as other parts of the world. While many people choose to incorporate these types of rugs into their home décor, others simply collect the rugs for pleasure. Antique rugs can run thousands of dollars if they are well preserved.

author: Michelle Williams

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