Seven Ways to Earn Supplemental Income

With fuel costs rising and the economy failing, many people are searching for ways to keep their head above water to avoid drowning in debt. There are plenty of ways to create supplemental income to help you navigate through these tough times. Below is a list of seven ways to put some extra cash in your pocket...

  1. Sell your old stuff: Go through your garage and attic and look for unwanted items that you could sell online. Some keys to getting your items to sell are taking good photographs of the item for sale and writing a description that gets the attention of possible buyers.
  2. Participate in focus groups: Sign up with local market research or focus group companies in your area. Most of these companies pay cold, hard cash just for your opinion. Typically, you'll have to be screened to see if you qualify for current focus groups.
  3. Sell your photos online: If you've got some photography skills, you can visit one of the many microstock photography websites. Once you submit your images and they get accepted, they can be sold for a small commission over and over again. Believe it or not - these commissions can really add up at the end of the month.
  4. Become a field inspector: For those people with a flexible schedule, a part time job as a field inspector can be the perfect compliment to your current job. Insurance companies hire field inspectors all across the nation to go out and take photos of homes, vehicles and commercial equipment. These jobs typically pay $25 to $100 for ten to twenty minutes of your time.
  5. Become a background actor: Production companies that produce films, television shows and commercials are always in need of reliable 'extras' to serve as background talent in their projects. You don't have to live in Hollywood to get these types of jobs, many commercials film all over the nation. Do a search for background casting directors in your area - call and tell them that you're interested in getting work.
  6. Write an article: Search online for websites that actually pay you for completed articles or blogs. Some of these companies will pay you upfront for your work, while others will pay you based on how many hits your article gets online. This would only be recommended for those people with good grammatical skills and a grasp of the English language.
  7. Drive a limo: If you have your weekends free, you might consider becoming a part time chauffeur. Many limousine companies are actively looking for weekend drivers due to the fact that most weddings and parties take place on Saturday or Sunday. In most areas you won't need a special license to drive stretch limo - but you will need some training.

author: Michael-John Wolfe

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