Sligo Abbey

Sligo Abbey of county Sligo

Sligo Abbey was an abbey for the religious Dominican order that was founded in the 1200s. It was what they termed a friary. Now, if you're wondering what the difference is between friars and monks, it's quite easy: friars are the one who do worship services for people, the other type is the one who stays in one place, doing whatever he would be asked to do for his particular order.

Sligo Abbey is located in the heart of a town, which is actually quite bustling. It has been said that people go this place in search of their Irish genealogical roots. The place is chock-full of Elizabethan era relics, like knights in shining armors, coats of arms, and more. There are also a lot of monuments and carvings and artworks that date back to the Renaissance. Touring Sligo Abbey would be like going on a virtual tour back through in time, and you would probably have your family and friends with you. Wouldn't that be great?

The town of Sligo is a bustling town with a seaport. It is the county town of the county of Sligo, situated permanently in the particular region of Connacht, Ireland. Connacht is a province that may be found in the northwestern part of Ireland. Connacht includes the following counties: the venerable Mayo, the olden Leitrim, well-known Galway and of course, our loveable Sligo. The whole province is surrounded by bays. The common means of livelihood in this area of Ireland is sheep raising, crop growing and fishing. Ancient history tells us that this particular area of Ireland had been under Gaelic rule.

Sligo may be found near the bay of Sligo, and the river known as Garvogue. So this town really is dependent on water-related trade and fishing. It is located more than a hundred miles west of Dublin. Historical records show that Sligo had been the exposed to hostilities from the Danes. In the year twelve hundred forty two, an earl known as Maurice Fitzgerald, from Kildare had constructed his own abode in the town, in the form of a castle. In twelve hundred fifty two, he had been responsible for the actual construction of Sligo Abbey, for the Dominican religious order. Today, the castle that Maurice Fitzgerald built no longer stands, and of course, the abbey is now only a historic ruin, under the preservation of local authorities and bureaus.

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