St. Patrick's Day Jewelry Crafts for Girls

St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday for crafts, and jewelry crafts are always fun for girls. There are many easy jewelry crafts for St. Patrick's Day, and this article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating several St. Patrick's Day jewelry crafts with girls.

Rainbow Necklace

The rainbow is a classic symbol of St. Patrick's Day, and it is a great focal point for a jewelry craft with girls. To create this Rainbow necklace you will need pipe cleaners, scissors, glue, a sheet of foam or felt, and ribbon.

Start this project by cutting the felt into a half circle. Next bend the pipe cleaners into arches of the rainbow and glue them to the felt shape. You can follow the regular colors of the rainbow which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, or you can allow girls to be creative with the order they choose. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to be a necklace, fold it in half, and glue the folded part to the back of the felt. When the entire thing has dried trim the excess felt and pipe cleaners. Help girls glue the excess felt on top of the back of the pendant to make a sandwich of the ribbon. When the entire project has dried you and your girls can wear your St. Patrick's Day jewelry craft.

Shamrock Pin

Shamrocks are a traditional symbol of St. Patrick's Day, and they are fun for making jewelry with the girls in your life. For this craft you will need a sheet of green foam, glue, glitter, and a pin. Start by cutting a shamrock shape from the foam sheet. This is done easily by drawing a shamrock on the foam with a pencil. A shamrock can be drawn by making 3 hearts that come together with a stem.

Help girls cut the shamrock out of the foam sheet, and allow them to add details to the shamrock using the glue and glitter. They may choose to write a message or outline the shamrock; allow girls to be creative with the decoration of this pin. After the glitter has dried glue the pin to the back of the shamrock, and you have completed a great St. Patrick's Day craft.

Irish Bracelet

For a fun St. Patrick's Day jewelry craft you can make an Irish bracelet with girls. For this craft you will need construction paper in white, orange, and green. glue, scissors, a skewer or chopstick, and lanyard or yarn. Start this project by helping girls cut long strips from the construction paper. The strips should range from half an inch to an inch wide, and the longer they are the thicker the beads will be.

Help girls roll the edge of one of the strips of paper and run a line of glue down the strip of paper. Curl the rolled edge around the skewer and wrap the paper around itself to form a tight bead. Continue with this until you have made many white, orange, and green beads.

Allow the beads to dry completely and remove them from the skewer. Help girls thread the beads onto the lanyard or yarn and tie the ends together to secure your bracelet. This St. Patrick's Day jewelry craft is cheap and fun for girls of all ages.

St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday for crafting with the girls in your life, and these jewelry crafts are fun projects to celebrate this holiday. Try these St. Patrick's Day jewelry crafts with the girls you care about this holiday!

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