Staging An Empty House To Sell

Tips for Selling your home

Staging an empty house is more challenging then staging one with furniture. One of the reasons is that when the house is empty there is nothing that detracts from all the defects. It can be done however with just a bit of ingenuity on your part.

Take a look at the location of the home. What does the neighbourhood say about the folks that live there? Is it by the ocean? Is it a secluded mountain retreat or is it in a family oriented neighbourhood? Take your clue from the type of person that is likely to want a home in that neighbourhood. Stage the home to appeal to that type of buyer.

If you know that the neighbourhood draws mostly young families with children be sure to have a plate of freshly baked cookies on the kitchen counter. You can buy candles that imitate the smell of apple pies, and other scents that remind one of the comforts of home and a happy family life. There are also liquid pot-pourri holders that can be kept warm and smell like apples and cinnamon. Think back onto happy family memories. We associate a lot of those memories with the smells of something good cooking on the stove.

If you are by the ocean you will want to buy some seashells at your local discount store and find ways to arrange them throughout the home. It is easy to buy a small glass jar and simply pour shells in it. You will want to set this jar on the bathroom counter top to portray the spa feel and the breeziness of the ocean. Consider placing a basket containing a set of towels, bubble baths and lotions in a cozy corner of the bedroom. Anchor the feeling of being at the shore with the view of the ocean. It will take the focus off the house and onto the view of the ocean. You can do this by placing a few pillows near the living room windows and some books for reading while relaxing.

A mountain retreat look can be achieved by filling a standing large wooden vase with some long natural feather sprigs in neutral colours. If it's in season consider lighting a fire to show off the ambiance and thus give the feeling of snuggling up by the fireside on a cold winter night.

If your neighbourhood is mostly urban professionals set a wooden tray on your kitchen counter top with two wine glasses and a bottle of good wine. This allows the professional to see how nice this home would be for entertaining.

You simply need to know your buyer and then you can take the staging from there. Buying a home is a wonderful experience that makes a buyer feel good about him or herself. Play it up to the hilt when staging the empty home.

You don't need a lot, just a few simply touches in key rooms should do it. A nice touch in a kitchen is to take several brightly coloured cloth kitchen towels and roll them and place them in a small wicker basket. Place a lovely tea-kettle on the stove. Take a nice green plant and place it in a windowsill.

Again, knowing the area is key in adding a few simple touches. For a family home find a wicker magazine basket and place some magazines in it that are family oriented. When in an area of young professionals look for magazines that have interest to the lifestyle of urban corporate ladder climbers.

A few simple touches can evoke the feeling of possibilities in each individual mind. Do your homework. In staging the empty home think of it as a positive experience rather than a negative one. Sure there is no furniture but not everyone has the same taste in furniture. You can, however, appeal to the people that more than likely dream of buying a home in a neighbourhood like yours.

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