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Antiques have been incredibly popular for a long time now. People love the idea of owning a piece of history. Sometimes people will want to buy antiques that remind them of their childhood; perhaps their parents collected Early American furniture, or Art Deco glass. And sometimes they are just collectors! For whatever reason, a very common way to buy antiques is at antique auctions.

Antique auctions are terrific for antique sellers. If you're one of those, you should know that if some of your regular stock isn't moving as quickly as you'd like in your store, an antique auction may be just what you need. You'll need to have the items appraised by a qualified appraiser. The items may be of particular interest to the appraiser, in which case he or she will buy them and put them -- into an antique auction!

If the appraiser doesn't offer to buy your antique items, you can pay her to put them up for auction. You will receive the entire price that the items bring. Anyone in the business of selling antiques probably knows several good appraisers. Otherwise, the very popular public television show 'Antiques Roadshow' can be a great resource. While antiques are not actually sold on the show, appraisers from several nationally-known companies offer opinions on the value of antique items brought in by local residents of whatever city is hosting the show.

If you are thinking of buying antiques at auction, be sure you have several hundred dollars put aside just for that purpose. Items at antique auctions are often unique and interesting, but they are likely to sell for high prices.

You'll need to have a budget ahead of time, and force yourself to exercise restraint! It is important to bid only on items you can pay for immediately and carry home with you. If you see something you like, keep in mind that there are other sources if you don't win the bid at the antique auction.

And what might those other sources be? Start by purchasing a guide for antique buyers. This will list the going prices for many items, as well as where they may be found. An antique store in your locality might be helpful, too, in identifying reputable resources.

Antiques sold on the Internet pose a certain problem. There are lots of websites offering antiques for sale. However, not all of these are reputable, and some of the antiques sold are fakes. It's most important to be sure that your seller will provide you with a certificate of authenticity. Buying antiques on the Internet, where you can neither see them nor inspect them directly, is taking quite a chance.

You may really enjoy attending antique auctions, especially if you like a lot of bustle and excitement. You'll see beautiful and interesting items, and you can meet other people who are crazy about antiques. Just be sure to do your research ahead of time: you'll be able to discover great auctions, and wonderful antiques.

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