The Art of Gift Giving and Receiving

As Christmas approaches, the excitement of gift giving peaks inside us all. Children wonder what Santa has thought of their behavior for the year fearfully. Adults enjoy relaxing days off from work. Most importantly, each and every family gets together in the same house. While there, they swap the gifts they chose for one another and reminisce about the past.

As a child everyone enjoyed that special time when they received their gifts. The more gifts the better. No matter how many, it was never enough. Children love receiving gifts for the simple reason that they get a new toy to play with. The deeper part of gift receiving that adults feel does not touch the mind of a child. The thoughts that someone cared enough about them to go out and spend their hard earned money does not pass through the child's mind as it does through an adult's. There is no secret as to why children love receiving gifts, they want shiny new toys. It's really that simple. However, as we grow up certain morals are attached to us that make us realize that giving and receiving gifts is not just an exchange of money. In fact, it is more of an exchange of feelings of care and love for one another.

As an adult we love to receive gifts just like we have as a child. Yet the reasons are tremendously different. We no longer care about shiny objects. Rather, we care for the thoughts behind them. We feel on top of the world when we know people out there care about us enough to spend time and money to make us happy. Most of the time, we love to return the favor as we feel the same for the person as they do for ourselves.

There are times when we love giving spontaneous gifts for the hope of receiving one back. Everyone loves a nice gift, and what is a better way then to initiate the exchange by giving one yourself?

Whatever the reason, everyone loves gifts. You do not have to wait until a holiday to give a gift to a person who you truly care about. People love giving gifts to show their emotion for one another. We likewise love receiving gifts to make us feel there are people in the world who love and care for us. No matter the occasion, I hope you practice the art of giving gifts early and often. It will surely let the people you care about know just how much they mean to you.

author: Glen Shikunov

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