The Devenish Island Monastic Site

Devenish Island Monastery Ruins

The Devenish Island Monastic Site is located in the wonderful county of Fermanagh in the northern region of the country Ireland. Rich, historically varied Ireland is one of the places that you have just got to see if you adore photography and relics of a rich European past that is made thick and discernable with wars and conquests and dreams of a utopian future.

Every nook and cranny of historic Northern Ireland is chock full of these kinds of sites, and you may visit Devenish Island if you want to see the one the region's finest monastic sites.

The abbey in Devenish Island still has a well preserved tower and chapel to boast, and the lush green grasses make the experience all the more great. The ruins are well preserved, and you actually feel how these structures were made back then, with only slabs of cut stone that were able to outlive their creators by centuries and centuries. Also, you can see that near the largest preserved structure are the headstones of perhaps monks and other individuals connected with the early religious order.

The site boasts of housing one of the most important remains of the Lough Erne. The site itself was said to have been founded in the sixth century; the founding of the monastery involved a pilgrimage of historic proportion, and Croagh Patrick. In its founding day, it was bestowed the official name of the Augustine Priory of St. Mary. A priory is simply a religious community that is lead by prior (if the religious leader is male) or a prioress (in rare instances, a female also may lead a priory).

Tourists of this monastic site are allowed to fully experience what remains of the Augustine monastery; for example, they may embark on a long climb of the thirty meter tall round tower, which may be one of the most striking features of this tourist site. This tourist site also boasts of the Priory Church, and surviving relics of a bygone age, such as crosses and another church, whose style is Romanesque. Near the site also is a museum which tourists may enjoy and take pictures in. Interested tourists may go to the site by riding a Ferry, which waits in Trory point. The Trory point is located at a lane in the vicinity of Kesh. Kesh is located a mile off Enninskillen, which is in southwestern Northern Ireland.

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