The Top 3 Wedding Gown Trends This Season

If you're anything like the thousands of overwhelmed brides-to-be out there, you're tired of scouring the Internet for a beautiful dress amidst the myriad of cookie cutter styles. You're beginning to wonder if there's an original thought left in the world looking at page after page of David's Bridal gowns that thousands of other brides are wearing. There has to be another way to feel beautiful on your special day while still feeling like yourself and not a cake topper. Thankfully, there is. Here are 3 trends that you can spin with your own unique style this season.

  1. The dropped waist dress. Anyone who has ogled the dresses on TheKnot or other wedding websites is probably going to have a hard time getting away from noticing this trend. Dropped waist gowns are huge right now, but be sure to remember an element of timelessness. You don't want to look back at your wedding pictures in 30 years and say, oh no...I thought I was stylish back then but it just looks silly now. Designers like Jenny Lee and Lazaro are catching onto the trend while still giving some unique flavor with sheer overlays and pleating.
  2. Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles. There's a fine line between an elegant couture gown and looking like a swan, but if done tastefully, ruffles can be very elegant. Barcelonan designer LaSposa does a great job of capturing the dramatic effect of a ruffled gown with class and elegance in its collections. You may not like the look of a gown covered in ruffles from head to toe. If this is the case, you can certainly find a gown with a ruffled hem or more subtle ruffling at the neckline.
  3. Something borrowed, something blue - or red, or green or.... Brides are veering away from the traditional white wedding gown, and with each passing year, it's easier to spot a bride walking down the aisle in any variety of colors. Shimmering golds, dusty pinks or mauves aren't uncommon for the bride that wants to be traditional but a little bit different. And for you offbeat brides out there, the sky is the limit! Brides are now donning black gowns, red gowns, rich chocolaty browns, you name it. This can be a great alternative to the traditional if you can't stand looking at the frills and white tulle any longer. Even if you still want to be traditional with a bit of an edge, you could have a white or cream colored gown with a splash of bright pink tulle peeking out from the hem. The best part - you can score these dresses for much less than traditional wedding gowns. Shop in the bridesmaid section or even prom dresses, and you can get a gorgeous dress for a fraction of the price of a traditional white gown.

So as you approach the monumental day of your wedding, know that the dress, just as much as any other part of your special day, is about expressing who you are and why you're getting married. Whether traditional, anti-bride, or somewhere in between, there are definitely options available to suit your tastes. Designers are celebrating the fashion-forward bride, the unconventional bride, and the fairytale bride this season. Do a bit of research using the information you've learned here and you're sure to find the dress that's right for you.

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