The Cold Truth About Video Marketing

The simple fact of having an online video or advert will instantly put you before the companies who do not. Saying something in text is sometimes not as powerful as hearing and seeing it.

There is the old saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. If you read a stand up comedians act before you saw them perform, the script would not make you laugh as much as when the comedian performs it. Having information passed on through video can hit tones and notes that text simply cannot. The producers of the 'Waynes World' film were extremely disappointed with the script. Their complaint was that it was just not funny. The agent said to the producers, 'yeah, but just hear these two guys say it'. Then in a storybook ending, after Dana Carvey and Mike Myers performed for the producers, they ended up making the film, and a sequel. It literally was not the words that had the power, but more how they were said.

A good video marketing campaign is a lot more personal than cold text. If you are trying to appeal to emotions of a more sombre nature (funeral home, illness website, charity work), then an online video can seem far more personal and sincere. You can also use video advertising campaigns to build your brand image. If your brand is for the young, then it could have clips of skateboarders and rock music, if your brand is being based in things like wine, then your video advertising campaign could feature parts of France set against classical music. You can build a more personal brand with video marketing.

The planning, processing and uploading of online marketing video campaigns take a lot more time than most other forms of advertising. Things as subtle as pace and video length are decisions that take a little trial and error, and will take more research and testing than most other advertising mediums. There are also technical hindrances. This side has come a long way in recent history, because it used to be that some peoples personal computers would not play flash videos, and some people needed to install java. The technical side of how the videos will be viewed should enter into your thought process. It is becoming less of a problem, as most modern computers will allow almost any type of video to play. Keep in mind the loading speeds too. The internet has gotten faster but is still limited.

The eternal phrase in all good marketing should be 'keep it short'. If you can say the same with fewer words, then do it. If you can create just as an effective image with less in, then do it. If you are making videos to market your product, service or ideas, then keep the video short.

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