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Take no conventional European trip and have Derry, Ireland (also known as Londonderry) as your next destination. Located in the northwestern part of Northern Ireland, this city is also a seaport that offers different products such as clothing, food, furniture, and many more. As of 2002, Derry has become a city with a population of 105,066 people. You can do a lot of things here: from walking along its streets' mural painted walls to visiting museums to learn more about its political history.

The city walls of Derry are one of the city's top sights for tourists. It has a 5-meter footpath on top of it which provides a spectacular view over the city. Also, one of the most famous sights in Derry is its Republican or Protest murals painted along its city walls. These one of a kind murals were painted to capture the events of the Bloody Sunday Massacre. To learn more about the story behind the murderous event, you can visit the Tower Museum which leads you through the history of Northern Irelands bloody past, including the Siege and the Troubles. This museum explains the political conflicts that arose during the 1970s, giving way to the Bloody Sunday event, which helped in the formation of the city and the country itself. This event is often described as that January day when 13 unarmed civilians involved in a civil rights demonstration got killed by the British army when the shooting broke out.

Another monument attributed to the Bloody Sunday Massacre is the Bloody Sunday Memorial, which lists the names of the 13 people killed during that event.

Learning all that would really be interesting, but maybe you can stop for a while and explore more of what Derry has to offer. Aside from Bloody Sunday Museums and Memorials, Derry also has the Guildhall, which houses some of the excellent stained glass windows in Ireland.

Among its other museums are the Amelia Earheart Centre and the Museum of Free Derry. Historical and architectural sites such as St. Eugene's Cathedral and the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall (the Apprentice Boys being famous for their Apprentice Boys March, a parade accompanied by a rise in conflict between Protestant and Catholic groups in the city) are also present in Derry.

Now, if you really want to have a good time, you can go and explore Derry's great nightlife. Waterloo Street, which is dotted by clubs and pubs, is a definite destination for party-goers. This street is packed every night, therefore it's not hard to miss. Go bar-hopping to Peadar O'Donnells, the Cosmopolitan bar or at The Basement if you want some good time dancing with your friends.

After a night out in one of Derry's energetic clubs, Enagh Lough is the place to visit. This beautiful lake ranks #11 in Derry's 105 attractions, so you shouldn't dare miss it.

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