Things to see and do in Dublin

View of the River Liffey, Dublin

London? Paris? Rome? If you're up to experiencing an extraordinary European adventure, then you might just want to try going to Dublin, Ireland. Situated near the mouth of the River Liffey, this Ireland capital is surely one unique European destination.

Dublin's rich history can be traced as far as the medieval ages, back when it was first founded as a Viking settlement. You can get a glimpse of its noteworthy architecture that was developed mostly during its period of Georgian splendor along its streets accompanied with some structures of modern architectural designs.

An artistic eye will definitely find satisfaction among this city's theatres, museums and libraries. The Gaiety, the Abbey and the Gate are only some of its famous theatres. If you are into operas and musicals, then the Gaiety is the place to be. If you want to see something local, the Abbey is the place for indigenous literary pieces. European and Avante Guarde works are shown in the Gate. For Colin Farrell fans, you may be interested to know that he came from the Dublin theatrical scene.

Large art galleries are also scattered all throughout the city, some of which are the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Project Arts Centre and the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery. A walk around St. Stephen's Green would be a treat if you would want to catch local artists display some of their works. If you are the bookish type, you might want to explore its many local libraries that serve as sanctuaries for the country's world-famous literary works, such as that of Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker.

Your trip will not be complete without experiencing Dublin's nightlife. Being one of Europe's youthful cities - fifty percent of the population being younger than 25 - its nightlife should not be missed. The area around St. Stephen's Green provides an energetic crowd at night, especially in the pubs and clubs located in Harcourt, Wexford and Leeson Street. The world-famous Temple Bar is located near the River Liffey, which is considered one of the hotspots for tourists like you.

Before you go home, don't forget to do some shopping! If you want to get your friends and loved-ones some unique gifts, you can try going through some of its local shops. From jewelry to shoes, to blings, antiques and handicrafts - all these you can find at the heart of the city. The Antiques Quarter in Francis Street offers not just unique antique pieces but also handcrafted stationeries, collectibles and jewelry. If you want a more extensive range of products, you can go to Blackrock market where you can find shoes with artistic designs and other artsy crafts. So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit Dublin today!

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