Things to See and Do in Galway

Galway City, Ireland

The once walled city Galway is one of the Irish tourist spots which can be visited and viewed without much hassle. Much of the area, which is open to pedestrians, occupies a space which is approximately a mile from one city centre to the next. This city is recognized as one of Europe's top developing cities. Galway is one of the most dynamic tourist destinations in Ireland surrounded by pubs, restaurants, and lots of recreational areas open in whatever time of the day seven days a week. This place is best visited by foot since it occupies a relatively very small area and majority of the hot spots are just a walk away from one another.

The Galway Cathedral is the first on the list. It is the most remarkable establishment in Galway which is devoted to the name of Our Lady of Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas. The cathedral is adorned with decorated limestone and Connemara marble for the flooring. It has for the design a combination of the classical and conventional style.

Ireland's largest medieval church is also one of the main tourist attractions. St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church is old yet it still remains of use until this day. Some parts of the church reveal that it dates back to early fourteenth century, although the more popular notion is that St. Nicholas was a structure built upon the ruins of a much older structure.

Close to the St. Nicholas' Church is the Nora Barnacle House, residence of the world renowned Irish literacy figure's, James Joyces wife, comfortably situated at Bowling Green. The Nora Barnacle House is a cozy museum restored after a series of alterations. This museum is open to the public only in the summer.

One of considered the best and excellent town castles of Ireland is located on the corners of Abbeygate Streets and Shop Streetone. It is the Lynch castle which survived about four centuries of calamities and environmental changes. It was owned by the Lynch family of the 14 Galway tribes, considered to be the most powerful and influential tribe of them all.

The Spanish Arch (1584) can be found close to the river, east of Wolfe Tone Bridge. It seems to have served as a port where foreign ships unload their products, most of the time wine and brandy, from Spain. Galway City Museum located on the arch present their exhibits in an unusually but interestingly messy fashion.

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