Tips for Choosing Your Child's Halloween Costume

Halloween is a wonderful holiday. The ghost stories, the pumpkin carving, the copious amounts of candy. The best part is being able to dress in an outrageous costume without getting funny looks.

Chances are your little one has already begun to list all the things they want to be for Halloween. Who can blame them? Dressing up is cool. When shopping for that perfect Halloween costume, keep in mind these six safety tips to ensure that your child's night of Trick or Treating is both safe and fun.

  1. Pick Costumes Made of Flame Resistant Material
    Despite the warnings, people still love to put candles in their pumpkins. For this reason, you should make sure that the costume you buy is made of flame resistant or flame retardant material such as nylon or rayon. While not fire proof, these types of materials resist burning and should extinguish quickly if they do catch on fire.
    If you prefer to make the costume at home or you wait until the last minute to buy a costume, when all the good stuff is gone, grab a can of flame retardant spray from your local hardware store and give the costume a good coating.
  2. Beware of Masks
    While a mask can certainly give a costume the spooky touch your child wants, it can also take away something extremely important. Vision. Costume masks are notorious for cutting off peripheral vision so make sure the eye holes are big enough to see through and that the strap that comes with it holds the mask securely in place.
    Consider using theatrical makeup instead. Before applying, test the makeup on a small section of skin to make sure there are no allergies and always remove makeup as soon as the festivities are over to prevent skin irritation.
  3. Avoid Costumes that Restrict Movement
    Costumes should be free flowing but not so loose that they drag on the ground or get caught on things. Trips to the dentist should be for the filling in of cavities caused by consuming too much sugar not from falling, face first, onto the ground. Additionally, since the temperature usually drops around this time of the year, try to incorporate warm clothing into the costume.
  4. Buy Kid-Friendly Props
    Kids will be kids and you can bet that if the costume comes with a prop, that the child will run with it or use it to tease other children. Choose foam rubber over hard plastic and make sure that the ends are smooth and rounded to avoid injury.
  5. Wear Comfortable Shoes Made for Walking
    While floppy, oversized shoes may be perfect for that clown costume, when it comes to Halloween safety, choose function over style. Footwear should be comfortable and allow for unfettered walking. If you are unsure how your child will do in a pair of new shoes, take them for a test run.
  6. Reflective Tape
    Whatever costume your child decides to wear for the big day, be sure to doctor it up with a little reflective tape. This will help drivers see them as they wander around in the dark. Reflective tape can be bought at any hardware store. However, if you are unable to get your hands on any, glow in the dark arm bands and necklaces work just as well.

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