Tips to Lowering Your Motorbike Insurance

We all know that avoiding accidents will lower your motorcycle insurance. However, did you know that if you attend and pass a safe riders course, that some insurance companies will actually give you a discount? And even if they do not offer a discount on your motorcycle insurance, you can benefit from the increased knowledge and training on being a defensive motorcycle driver that these courses offer. And the best news is that most of these courses are very low in cost and do not take a long time to complete.

A typical advanced road safety and defensive driving motorcycle course will take anywhere from 1 - 3 sessions. Typically they are done in classroom; however some training companies may do outdoor activities and demonstrations. The defensive motorcycle course will cost you under €200, and this is often offset by your motorcycle insurance company in their discount. With this insurance discount, by the end of the first year, this course has more than paid for itself.

Another way that you can lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance is to guard your bike against theft. If you have the ability to put your bike indoors you can sometimes get a discount for this. It is worth asking your motorcycle insurance agent if there is anything that you can do to deter theft that will give you a discount on the cost of your motorcycle insurance. It has been shown that motorcycles that are parked indoors have a 95% less theft rate than those that are street parked. Another way to easily prevent theft of your motorcycle is to have an alarm put on it, if there is not already one installed on your bike. This also may give you a discount in your motorcycle insurance.

The biggest way to keep the cost of your bike insurance down is to drive safely. The longer that you drive without an accident the better your discount should be. And once you have attained that discount, make sure you protect it. Many insurance policies will not allow you to lend your motorcycle to a rider that has had less experience than you have if you are receiving a discount for safe driving. Before handing the keys over to your son or daughter, check with your insurance plan to make sure there is not a clause on your policy that requires a driver to have had a license for a minimum period of time.

If you must lend your bike out to a newer motorcycle driver, make sure that your insurance provider is aware and that you are covered for this. And it may be a good idea to have the person borrowing the bike listed on the motorcycle insurance policy as an occasional driver. This is especially true if they intend to use your motorcycle on a regular basis.

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