Top 10 Ways to Manage your Time

The most effective way to achieve anything is to be able to effectively use your time, because the one thing that is the same between millionaires and you is time. There are 24 hours in the day for everyone, but the way to make the most of it is to utilize this.

The following list aims to help explain the best ways to manage time for the benefit of all

  1. Planning The number 1 way to be able to challenge the big guns of the world is to plan before hand. This leads to correct ways to quickly switch between tasks without needing to waste time considering the options available. This can be done for up to weeks in advance, and should be done at times when nothing else productive can be achieved.
  2. Routine This is a continuation of planning. If you have a distinct routine, then you will always know what happens next. In time you will learn to adjust your own behavior and performance to suit this routine.
  3. Longer Breaks If you can hold out to work for longer periods of time, then you can reward yourself with longer breaks. This reduces the time needed to refocus after a short break. This can be used if you feel like you are on a roll, and do not need any interruptions.
  4. Limit Disruption If your work time is disrupted, then you will not be able to achieve to your full potential. This is due to the waste of time that occurs after the interruption. It takes longer to get back to the work at hand, and if this repeats several times during a working period, then a lot of time can add up as being lost.
  5. Work don't Read Some people find themselves spending more time researching and reading other information than is necessary to achieve their aims. Although reading is often vital, and balance must be achieved to maximize opportunities.
  6. It is easier to edit than to begin again Many people believe that if their work is bad, then they should begin again from scratch. In reality, it is far easier to simply edit your work. This can bring the level of the work up significantly, without wasting the time it took to get it to that stage.
  7. Never give up This may sound corny, but sticking with a good idea pays off. You must also realize, however, that there is always a time to walk away from a flop. You must realize when this time is, and this can be one of the most difficult tasks.
  8. Relax Stressing about an up-coming problem will not help solve that problem. It is much better, both for your health and your performance, if you simply relax. This does not mean that you should neglect your tasks, but you should act it out in a much calmer manner.
  9. Categorize Do similar tasks at the same time. If you can sort through your next week's worth of work early, then you will be able to do them in a complementary order. For example, if you have several reports to be written, then it is often beneficial to do them one after the other. This guarantees that you are in the writing mood.
  10. Meet Dates Never, ever procrastinate. It is vital that you meet ever deadline that is set. Do not think that it can wait another day, or another week. If you can meet deadlines, then it helps peoples opinion of you as a prompt worker.

If you are able to follow these 10 ways, then you will certainly be able to better manage your time. Time Management is extremely important in modern business, and is an easy way to effectively compete with those around you.

author: Russ Egan

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