Trim Castle

Ruins of Trim Castle stronghold

Europe - a continent bedecked with splendid landscapes and fortified castles - is one of the best places to explore. If you are up to an adventure, then you better pack your bags and grab your cameras, for you are just about to undergo a one-of-a-kind exploration.

A common destination would be Ireland, a country wrapped in rich history and resources and the second largest of the British Isles. You can explore its countryside either by car or foot; either way, you'll be stumbling upon an Irish heritage before you know it.

If castles are found all over Europe, then you are sure to find lots of castles in Ireland. Aside from the Dublin Castle in Dublin and the Aughnanure Castle of the O'Flaherty's in Galway, Trim Castle is also a definite tourist must-see. A foreboding sight against the Irish sky, Trim Castle is considered as the largest Anglo-Norman Castle in Ireland. Built by Hugh de Lacy and Walter de Lacy, his son, during the early 1170s, this castle consisted of a keep with three stories. It is also famous for its twenty-sided tower having a cruciform shape. Though its ringwork was attacked by the Irish, de Lacy rebuilt it again in 1173 and continued by his son till 1204.

Exploring further of this castle would lead you to a discovery that it is protected by a ditch and moat. Its design is most unusual, because apart from having a cruciform shape, its towers seen to have been added not for defensive reasons because they have thinner walls compared to the main core. It seems that de Lacy added it just to make his castle look good. Or maybe he just wanted his castle big with a lot of rooms.

The entrance at the east tower is your starting point for exploration. Above the east tower is the chapel, and the stairs to the upper floors of the central block are provided by mural winding stairs. Keep a keen eye for the central wall - it's a wall, you cannot miss it - this divides the first two floors of the keep into two. The third floor, however, is not divided by a central wall and is the largest room in the entire castle. This is probably the lord's chamber. Mural passages also provide access to the rooms in the side towers.

Are you ready for a juicier piece of information? This castle played a part in Mel Gibson's movie, Braveheart. Now that's worth noting. If Mel Gibson found this castle worth seeing in his film, then I think it's high time for you to visit this place.

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