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The Trinity College (formally known as the University of Dublin) is located in the bustling city of Dublin in the country of Ireland. The university in question had been chartered by the then queen, Elizabeth the First, in the year fifteen ninety two. One of the first to support this educational institution was James the First, who had allotted four hundred pounds a year from the region's local treasury.

In the year seventeen ninety three, the predominantly non-Catholic University of Dublin allowed personages with the religion of Roman Catholicism to enter its grounds and enroll in a few courses. In the year nineteen four, this educational institution also started allowing women to enter its courses.

The grounds of the University of Dublin are set centrally in the heart of Dublin, occupying no less than forty acres of land. The university buildings of the University of Dublin are termed by architectural critics and scholastics as fine and well preserved models of eighteenth century modes of architecture. Within the University of Dublin, it would be quite interesting to visit some of these eighteenth century-modeled structures: one may try visiting the library and then proceed to the public theater and of course, the dining area of the school.

The library of the University of Dublin boasts of having preserved a wide and very interesting collection of illuminated manuscripts from all around Ireland. The collection includes the Book of Kells (an illuminated manuscript of the early Christian gospels, which were then produced in Kells in the country of Ireland) and the Book of Durrow (which is said to have been written by Anglo-Irish monks during the seventh century in Ireland. The Book of Durrow features a cover that places centrally the symbol of the lion, signifying Saint Mark). For tourists who are quite engaged with the idea of the history of the book and the evolution of book publishing, it is notable that the library of the University of Dublin has been entitled to receive a copy of each and every publication to ever come from Ireland and of course, Britain. This has been happening since the year 1801.

Notable people to have come from this university are Jonathan Swift and Samuel Beckett, both notable and quite popular novelists and members of the literati. Tourists who are interested in going to the University of Dublin may find this educational institution near the Irish Houses of Parliament.

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