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We've all seen them. The traditional wedding albums, the conventional poses, the smiles, the confetti, and the happy couple cutting the cake.

While the traditional wedding photographer will no doubt still have his or her place in your own special day, you could also make room in the album for some more unconventional ideas.

One friend who got married recently made room on each dinner table for a disposable camera, so her guests could take some pictures themselves. One common problem of the sit down meal after the wedding is that the bride and groom don't have the opportunity to interact with their guests very much. The cameras meant we could get some more unusual pictures, and capture some more memories for the happy couple to keep.

We also managed to get a few pictures of the bride and groom happily tucking into their meal (both ravenous after the early morning nerves put paid to their appetites, no doubt) - some comical pictures which appealed to their senses of humour… and just the kind of photos the professional photographer doesn't tend to take.

Another friend went one step further on her wedding day, and decided not to have a professional photographer at all. Instead she asked all her guests to bring cameras and to take as many pictures as possible throughout the day. As many of the guests had digital cameras, the couple created a photo album online (you can do this with Flickr, Photobucket and My Space, among others), and added everyone who had taken photos to their friends list.

They then emailed everyone the URL address to visit, giving them all access to upload their own pictures into the shared photo album. This also meant that everyone who had been granted access could view all the pictures from the big day online, and the bride and groom ended up with over one thousand photos - excellent, good, bad, blurred, funny and touching - to choose from, print out and add to their wedding album.

This may be a modern day way of organising your wedding photos, but it's a great way to get some unconventional shots - whether you use it in addition to a regular photographer, or as a complete replacement. Incidentally, it's also worth thinking about if you're on a tight budget and you're looking to reduce your outlay.

You could also extend the idea to include camcorders. Instead of hiring a professional, ask a handful of people who own a camcorder to bring them to the wedding, and film throughout the day.

No two people will ever take exactly the same photo, or film the same event from exactly the same angle. It is this simple fact of life that makes these techniques so worthwhile.

Relying on a professional photographer will get you a professional, traditional photo album. But asking your friends and family to contribute plenty of photos as well will capture even more memories for you to keep.

And because your friends and family know you better than anyone, they are likely to be able to capture the funniest, most touching, more natural and memorable moments of all.

author: Allison Whitehead

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