Unique Christmas Gifts for Any Age

Christmas is the time of giving and holiday cheer. Every year we struggle and ponder on what our loved ones would most like to find under the tree on Christmas morning. We tire of getting the same old thing and wrack our brains, trying to figure out a unique gift to give each person that they will truly adore. Each gift has to be perfect in our minds. If you are struggling with Christmas gift ideas this year, here are some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing and possibly take some of the stress out of the holiday gift giving season.

Name a star from the International Star Registry. They offer several different star packages of varying price range so you can choose what best suits your needs. This is a very unique gift that will last a lifetime.

Have a favorite photo painted on canvas and framed. This makes a great gift for anyone of any age and will last a lifetime.

As a spin off from the previous idea, create a scrapbook that includes family photos, inspirational quotes, small keepsakes, etc. If you are a good writer, include a personalized poem for that special someone, perhaps written in calligraphy. Again, be imaginative and hold nothing back!

Create a Christmas memories book that consists of all the Christmas' past up to the present. Be sure to leave room for Christmas future! This way the person can continue to add to their book as the years go by.

Create a 365 days memory jar. This doesn't take much money, just some time and effort. Find a really unique jar with a lid and on little slips of paper write or type out 365 different memories, quotes, scriptures, song names, funny sayings or whatever you think up. Then add a small note on the outside of the jar telling the person to take one slip out a day for the next 365 days. This is a gift that keeps giving all year round!

Make a patchwork quilt or have one made that includes pieces of your children's clothing they have grown out of, old blankets you've had for many years, or baby blankets. This makes a great gift for any age. This is also a wonderful gift that children can give to grandparents that will be treasured forever.

Create a gift basket full of goodies for your special someone. Be sure it is unique to that person no matter what! An example would be the gift basket for the book worm in your life. Fill the basket with one or two new books they have been dying to read, a book light, a personalized book mark, a coffee mug and their favorite coffee or hot chocolate mix. The sky is the limit with gift baskets, just use your imagination!

Remember, the best gifts one can receive are those that are given from the heart and full of love. No matter how big or small the gift might be, it need not be expensive to mean it's the best. These are just a few ideas to get you started on your way to giving unique, thoughtful Christmas gifts this holiday season. Be imaginative and keep the person you are buying for in mind while you create your Christmas treasures!

author: Thomas Punch

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