Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner again. Dads can be as tough to shop for as moms, but don't worry! There are plenty of creative, thoughtful ways to show your dad just how much you love and appreciate him. Don't offer him a cliché gift like a barbeque set. Select a Father's Day gift from one of these 10 unique ideas instead.

  1. Give him a gift from the heart. Write your dad a poem instead of giving him a card from the grocery store. Your dad will appreciate the fact that you wrote something original as opposed to scribbling you name beneath a prewritten message. If you're a talented writer, consider writing a letter to your father. A letter is something he can keep longer than a holiday card, and it gives you more space to fully express how much he means to you. Let him know how he has influenced your life and write about your favorite memories with him.
  2. Build a gift basket. It may sound like a strange gift for your father, but it's a great way to blend a bunch of small gifts into one great present. Fill the basket with his favorite candies and cookies, and also throw in some small tools he's been missing from his set. Food and tools: what more could your dad ask for?
  3. The never-fail golf set. Dads love to golf, so why not give them what they want? Buy your dad a brand new golf set, or perhaps some golf accessories. If you're feeling really generous, consider buying a membership to a nearby golf club.
  4. Give dad a vacation. Is he stressed at work or overwhelmed by the family? Moms aren't the only ones who need spa getaways. Buy dad a plane ticket online and set up a hotel for him in a destination to his liking.
  5. Organize the memories. Oftentimes, dads are left out of sentimental gifts. Build a scrapbook for him with your baby pictures, and old pictures of him in his youth. Take your time with this project and carefully label each photo with a brief caption about the photographed memory.
  6. Make a movie. This is an idea for the truly devoted gift-givers only. It may take some more time, but your dad will cherish the memories forever. Make a movie telling him why he means so much to you. Be creative with it! Interview people, film significant landmarks, and add music to your movie.
  7. Breakfast anyone? Get up early on Father's Day and make breakfast for your dad. If you're inept in the kitchen, make something simple even if it's toast and cereal. Your dad will appreciate the effort.
  8. Make a coupon for quality time. You and your dad are both busy people, but it's important to spend time together. Give dad a coupon for quality time that is good for a night out to dinner and a movie, or for lunch and an afternoon walk.
  9. Coupons just for him. If you like the idea of the coupon book, consider making some just for dad. The coupons can be for one free lawn-mowing, or one free car wash.
  10. Help around the house. Dads usually end up doing the rough chores around the house during their weekends. Help dad out and volunteer to do the chores for him so he can sit back and relax during Father's Day.

Dads need to know they're loved and appreciated. Don't recycle the same tired gifts every year for Father's Day. Gift him a gift from the heart!

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