Vintage Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day celebrations have been occurring for centuries. This beloved holiday that marks a meaningful day for love is a tradition we look forward to year after year. In keeping with its traditional elements and historic rites, consider buying her something vintage this Valentine's Day to show your love.

Jewelry is a classic Valentine's gift that is appropriate for both a young love and old. While jewelry stores and boutiques offer a bounty of new jewels, considering hunting for an old jeweled treasure for your loved one. For example, a Bakelite heart and key pin can be a great find. While not inexpensive, it certainly conveys a stylish nod back to the Art Deco era. Antique stores also offer old pieces of jewelry that reflect great vintage style. Consider a piece from an old designer or something that reflects a vintage era. A few stylish eras to consider besides Art Deco are the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Nouveau periods.

Old jewelry or trinket boxes are available in a myriad of styles. Delightfully charming dresser boxes were once the safe places for gloves or jewels. Consider finding one to match the bedroom decor of your loved one and place an old rhinestone heart pin inside. Antique jewelry boxes run the price gamut so it's possible to find something sweet to suit any price range.

Other bedroom trinkets also make endearing gifts for Valentine's Day. Consider old perfume bottles or bejeweled compact and lipstick holders. These items make any vanity or dresser appear elegant and will always serve to remind her of you. These charming relics of the glamorous days of the past will always be in style!

Old purses can make great Valentine's Day gifts too! Old-time magazine purses or the sleek lucite purses of past decades can still be readily found. These items showcase all the style and glamour of their respective eras. They can be used or placed on display. Also, fancy beaded purses from the Edwardian and Victorian eras, while pricey, make excellent offerings as well!

Antique linens are lovely for both their appearance and craftsmanship. Old lace and painstaking embroidery are hallmarks of days gone by. While vintage clothing is quite popular, vintage linens for tables and bedding are also coveted by many collectors. It might even be a nice touch to wrap another gift inside a vintage pink chenille bed spread or a lacy tablecloth. Be sure to consider vintage aprons, handkerchiefs, and throws too!

An old print depicting lovers or a romantic courtship scene is just the thing for Valentine's Day. There are many old pictures and frames available that demonstrate scenes of love. Lovers strolling by the sea, a pair of lovers near a moonlit river, a woman calling to her lover from a balcony - these are just a few ideas of prints that can be searched for and found with relative ease.

If you want to give her something sweet, consider a basket of old-time candy. Many candy companies have been in business for decades and specialize in confections. An assortment of candies that were popular in the fifties can be an adorable way to show you care. Necco Wafers and Hersey Bars paired with old movie from said era might be a great way to spend Valentine's Day together.

Buying vintage today is easier than ever with internet access. While visiting antique stores or shops that carry vintage wares is always a great outing, searching the internet on sites like eBay offer the widest selection of items at prices to suit anyone's budget.

author: Jennifer Young

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