Wedding Insurance: What You Need to Know

It's the big day and it's been months maybe even years in the planning. The couple is ready to begin a new phase in their lives. And the unforeseen happens. The hall they rented is now closed down. The caterers have all canceled. The photographer used the wrong equipment and all the photos are ruined. A storm has made it impossible for most of the guests to make it to the wedding. Possibly even a thief has decided to make off with some of the wedding gifts. Although no one wants to think of all the things that can go wrong with a wedding, life is at times very unpredictable. Wedding insurance exists to ease the burden of financial loss, disaster, delay, or untimely cancellations. It offers compensation to allow a couple to reschedule as needed and covers many aspects of the wedding ceremony itself.

Although pricing varies for wedding insurance, it is important to decide whether or not it is necessary in the first place. One thing to look into is the coverage the different vendors already have. In many cases, their own insurance will cover sudden changes and situations, so it is only a matter of looking at where the coverage may be lacking. An examination of a copy of their policy makes it easy to supplement it with wedding insurance that doesn't overlap what is already taken care of or cost more than necessary. Also, it is important to purchase the insurance as soon as possible, as soon as a couple starts reserving space and booking other needed professionals. This will help prevent situations such as losing a deposit for a hall rented out for the wedding, only to discover that the space was sold a few weeks before the event and insurance wasn't purchased in time. With insurance, even in such a situation, the deposit would be refunded.

Wedding insurance protects the couple in many ways, covering many different potential problems. Basic policies can cover not only the site chosen for the wedding, but it also takes care of other types of delays. Weather, for example, can cause the event to be postponed until all the guests can make it due to storms, flooding, or hurricane conditions. Likewise, if the bride, groom, or anyone essential to the wedding takes ill or is injured, insurance may cover the delay. This includes last minute cancellations by caterers, photographers, the officiant, and others that are important to the ceremony. Even the possibility of postponement due to military or job reassignment may be covered by wedding insurance.

There are other possible coverage plans available and a couple may consider adding them. Damaged or lost attire can be covered in case something happens during the ceremony, for example. Lost or stolen gifts can also be a part of the insurance policy if reported within a certain amount of time (depending on the policy). And the most important part of the wedding, the pictures and videos that capture the moments for generations to come, can be covered. In such cases, typically photographers will do redo the photos or videos if there are problems with the development or if the negatives are lost or stolen, even if restaging is necessary.

Remember that wedding insurance policies must be tailored to individual needs in order to cover all potential problems. And they should be arranged as soon as possible so that the big day goes as smoothly as possible.

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