What Not To Buy Your Wife For Christmas

Christmas will soon be here and it is time to start thinking about buying that fateful present for your wife. What did you give her last year for Christmas?? Was it the latest version of a new pot scrubber? Did she fail to appreciate the true feelings that went behind the gift? If your gift-giving has been unsuccessful in the past, here are a few tips on what not to buy.

  1. Do not consider brooms of any kind - even the new enhanced wonder sweepers. Your wife may feel that you think she is some kind of a witch. Even vacuum cleaners may be a bit touchy.
  2. Never buy your wife any weight-reducing equipment. She will ultimately feel you think she is overweight. Even if she is, you wouldn't want to say it to her face, would you? You could risk every ounce of that weight being thrown into a punch in your nose.
  3. Stay away from skin creams and wrinkle-reducing potions, even the expensive ones that she has been longing to buy. These send a message to your wife that she may be looking old. Again, a big no-no! (Think of your nose.)
  4. It is not a good idea to buy cleaning products (mops, buckets, pot scrubbers, etc.) as gifts. Your wife doesn't want to be considered only a maid. It may seem to you that you are trying to make her job easier, but that is not how it looks to her.
  5. Although giving gift certificates and money may be a good gift idea in some cases, it is also advisable to give some sort of other small item attached with it. You want your wife to feel that you put some thought into her gift. And, don't give gift certificates to places like bowling alleys or hockey games (unless she is a real fan). The gift is supposed to be for her—not you!
  6. Definitely do not give your wife pieces of jewelry that belonged to ex-wives or past girlfriends. She will not appreciate being reminded of your past relationships—and you will not appreciate the cold feelings that go along with that.
  7. Do not give your wife any item that you charge to her credit card. She wants you to pay for her gift. Not only that, you don't want her to know that you got that beautiful gift at a bargain basement. Make her believe that you were willing to pay top dollar and that no amount is too much for you to spend on her.
  8. Avoid giving your wife sports equipment that may benefit you. In other words, if you are a big bowling fan and she is not, don't give her a bowling ball. Even though in your mind you may be trying to get her involved in what you like, it may not seem that way to her. Your wife's Christmas gift should be about her likes, not yours.

The above are just a few suggestions on what you should avoid giving your wife for Christmas. Choosing the right gift can be a problem, but consider her likes and dislikes and how she may perceive the gift you give. Make you Christmas a good one to remember and choose wisely.

author: Denny Phillips

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