What to Do on your Trip to Turkey

Turkey has much to offer its visitors in terms of activities, history and beach life. Whichever resort you choose to stay at, you will be sure of a vacation full of experiences you'll never forget - from sailing on a yacht, to flying high above the country in a hot air balloon - you'll not have time to be bored!

Even if you are staying at one of the beach areas, a trip to Turkey would not be complete without taking a look at Istanbul. Here you can see such historic buildings as the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque and of course the Byzantine cisterns. When you have had enough tourist culture, head in the direction of the Grand Bazaar where vendors will try to sell you anything you could imagine - but don't give them the first price they ask, vendors in the Grand Bazaar expect to barter - it's part of the charm of this famous market. After sampling the local nightlife, take a trip to a Turkish bath-house for a Turkish bath and massage - these establishments open when the clubs close and offer a great way to "clear your head"!

Tour buses are one way of seeing the sights on your trip to Turkey without having to switch to different locations. Although these don't cost much money, they can be quite expensive on time and so you need to consider whether the place you are going to do is worth a long drive in each direction - not all of the transport is guaranteed to be air conditioned and highly sprung for passenger comfort!

A trip to Turkey is a great vacation as it allows you to combine many different experiences in one location. From sun filled beaches, to the noise of the market, from the thrills of water sports, to the serenity of a mosque, Turkey has it all.

author: Katie-Anne Gustafsson

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