Why You Should Choose a Local Real Estate Agent

When selecting the right real estate agent to sell your home, you need to do some research. The three rules of real estate are Location. Location. Location and that goes doubly for making sure the real estate agent you choose knows not only your home, but the local market and economy, with ties to the local community in which the home is situated. There are five main reasons for making sure the real estate agent is local.

  1. A local agent knows the local market. Because of this, the agent will know what sells and does not, and will have better access to make an informed decision on what changes or improvements you need to make to the property ahead of time to maximize the price you can get for the home. It may be as simple as a paint job, or you may find that something about your home makes it even more valuable than you knew.

  2. The local agent has access to local sales statistics and trends. A local real estate agent will have facts and figures on what homes have recently sold in your community, how they compare to yours, and be in a better position to help you set the best price for your home. This particular bit of expertise is critical if you want the best and highest possible price for your home.

  3. A local real estate agent will know the neighborhood and what services it has to offer. They will have at the tip of their tongue what schools are in the area, where the shopping is, and what the best routes from getting from your home to job destinations will be. This will help the agent develop an easier rapport with potential buyers, and help show that your location is suited to them.

  4. The local agent will be advertising locally, both in the newspaper and in the appropriate listing service. Uncle Bob up the valley might be a great real estate agent in Sherman Oaks, but odds are against him belonging to the same listing service down in Anaheim. It will not do you any good for there to be a listing up that agents in the town where the house is located will never see. They will also have access to other local agents to personally promote your house.

  5. The local agent will be 'on the spot' for walk-in traffic, or spur of the moment showings, and be able to keep up with supplying you with flyers, pamphlets, etc for marketing your home. If someone sees the 'For Sale' sign in the yard, do you really want your agent to wait until tomorrow because traffic has prevented them from getting to your home in the time the potential buyer has available?

Choosing the right real estate agent for you follows similar rules of real estate, they need to be Local Local Local and you will get the best results, the shortest selling time, and the best price possible.

author: William Payne

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