Dealing with motion sickness

Motion sickness is a condition many people deal with. There is really no way to cure motion sickness, but there are ways to prevent and treat it. Of course, the effectiveness of any medicine or technique depends on the severity of your motion sickness.

Take the wheel.

The most common cause of motion sickness is riding in the backseat. For some, riding in the passenger seat can be just as bad. Offer to be the driver when you go out with friends. If you carpool, ask others to give you gas money and drive your car every day. Simply sitting up front or driving can prevent that annoying nauseous feeling.

Antihistamines are your best friend.

Most sufferers of motion sickness know about Dramamine. There are also Bonine and Marzine. These are over-the-counter medicines that can be taken an hour or so before a trip. They work to counter act the effects of motion sickness. A typical side effect; however, is drowsiness. Please do not drive or operate machinery until you know what effect any type of medicine may have upon you.


Stress does not help the situation. If you think you are going to be sick, odds are you will be. Take deep breaths and think about anything other than being sick. If you are trying something new, such as flying, nerves may be the cause of your motion sickness. Stay calm and you may find that the sick feeling vanishes.

Eat after the trip.

Food is probably not a good idea before doing something that typically makes you motion sick. Food simply gives your stomach extra ammunition against you. Plan to eat later in the day or eat a light meal. Heavy foods can upset your stomach quicker.

Find a focal point.

You're moving, but you're technically sitting still, which causes the nausea. Focus on something steady around you such as the horizon or a tree. This helps your eyes to realize you actually are moving. Giving your eyes have a solid focal point lets your body and mind feel the same movement without loosing your stomach in the process.

Never read.

As long and boring as the trip may be, do not occupy your time with reading. In fact, focusing on anything inside the car, boat, or plane may very well make your motion sickness worse. Your eyes need to focus on the world around you instead of something you look down at.

Sit and face forward.

If you ever find yourself sitting backwards, try to change seats. Sitting against the direction of motion creates a worse feeling of motion sickness because you only see objects going away from you. There is nothing to focus on and creates the feeling of spinning. Also, standing has never helped nausea. Sit down instead of standing. This helps to calm you and calm the feeling of movement.

Next time you feel motion sick, try one or more of the tricks above. Antihistamines seem to be the best option for h3er cases, while simply being calm and relaxed can help less severe cases. At any rate, enjoy your next trip without the dizzy, nauseous feelings that are motion sickness.

author: Crystal Crowder

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