Herbal Remedies for Headache Relief

Herbal remedies

Headache pain can stop sufferers in their tracks, but many people avoid aspirin because it upsets their stomachs. Before there was aspirin or over-the-counter medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen, people relied on folk remedies comprised of common herbs and other plants to relieve ailments like headaches and even insomnia. The following article discusses herbs that are known to relieve both headache and insomnia symptoms.


People on the go should consider carrying a small container of almonds on their travels. Almonds contain natural pain-killing agent called salicylates. This agent is also contained in aspirin, but not in the natural form that occurs in almonds. Chewing four or five almonds during a headache can relieve its pain about as quickly as an aspirin, but naturally and without the stomach upset. Furthermore, almonds offer other health benefits such as the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and to regulate blood pressure.


Equally as portable and convenient, raisins can also be chewed for quick headache relief. In fact, people who suffer from severe headaches like migraines have reported the benefits of raisins. Low in fat, raisins are a terrific energy booster as well. Raisins are also high in antioxidants making them a great snack with the potential to maintain your good overall health.


Not so long ago, the people of Wales referred to borage as the herb of gladness. Borage, in fact, has a long history of cheering people up and relieving depression. Headache sufferers report that their symptoms lighten after taking the herb. Insomniac sufferers might consider borage steeped in wine to cure their sleeplessness. Borage is also used by some women to relieve cramping due to menstruation. Borage oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well and is sometimes used by sufferers of eczema and acne.


A favorite of ancient Greeks and Romans, the violet is not simply a lovely little flower. Migraine sufferers should consider drinking a cup of violet tea in the morning and evening for headache relief. Violet oil is sometimes used to relieve dry rashes and even hives. In folk medicine, violets have been used in conjunction with other treatments to combat cancer.


A native plant of Europe and parts of Asia, vervain has a good reputation as a headache reliever. Vervain tea is said to cure headaches that range from mild to those caused by illness. Chronic headache sufferers should consider drinking vervain tea daily to help combat the symptoms of regular headaches. People who suffer bouts of melancholia may also find benefits from taking vervain.

The great thing about trying these alternative remedies for common ailments like headaches is that they naturally offer other benefits. Try one or several to see if their healing properties can help you.

author: J.A. Young

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