How to Eat Your Way to a Younger You

We live in a society that reveres youth, which is why those who can afford it are often willing to go to extreme lengths to defy their real age and look forever twenty. Of course, we cannot all afford to spend money on cosmetic surgery or Botox treatments, especially now that the economy is distressed. However, most of us purchase all manner of antioxidant face creams and serums in the hope that they will make us look just a little bit younger.

Whole Foods Make Cheap Skin Care Products

Skin care products can be very beneficial, but if you really want to retain a youthful appearance it might be wise to start from the inside out. The best way to nourish your skin with anti-oxidants and protect it from the damaging effects of free radicals is to consume whole foods that are rich in beneficial nutrients. Tomatoes, chili peppers, green leafy vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs are packed with the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that are often listed in the ingredients of expensive face creams. These healthy food products are also more effective than any face cream because the nutrients are absorbed in the gut before circulating in the blood stream, meaning they are better able to penetrate the skin cells.

You Can Grow Your Own

The great thing about nutrient- rich fruits, vegetables and herbs is that you can grow your own if you want to. Growing your own produce has numerous advantages. Not only will your skin improve dramatically, you will also save money on your grocery bill and get a little exercise outside in the fresh air. Caring for plants and watching them grow over time provides a sense of joy and pride, too.

Junk Food Will Ruin Your Skin

You could spend hundreds of dollars per year on expensive products such as cleansers and moisturizers but your skin will never look good if you insist on eating the wrong foods. If, for instance, you eat a lot of food products that contain refined sugar this will cause levels of the hormone insulin to surge. This in turn causes your body to release other hormones. Hormone imbalances definitely aren't good for the skin. Processed food products are also bad news for the skin since they contain all kinds of artificial preservatives and additives which are toxic to the body. If there are excess toxins in the bloodstream it will make your skin look tired and unhealthy. There is a great deal of truth to that old maxim, you are what you eat.

Eat Fresh

Generally eating more whole unprocessed foods and less junk will help your skin to look younger and healthier for longer, and vice versa. Lotions, potions and skin creams can definitely help you to improve the look of your skin, but they will always be less effective than a healthy diet. So if you would like your skin to glow the way it did when you were twenty, throw your junk food into the trash can and start eating the way your forefathers did.

author: Claire Billips

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