Morning Sickness: Stay Cool, Mom!

Is uncontrolled morning sickness taking away the joy of your new pregnancy? Nausea and vomiting sometimes occur when your body temperature fluctuates. Staying cool will help to stop the nausea before it begins and help you to combat this hard-to-treat condition.

When you begin feeling morning sickness, you might feel uncomfortably warm. Your body is increasing its blood volume and putting on some extra padding to help you manage that little life inside you. Hormones are changing constantly and aches and pains begin. The result of all these changes is that you get warmer, and your tummy reacts to that sensation. Keeping cool is essential to staying nausea-free. Try these suggestions:

Ice Water - Sips of ice water can help keep you cool and hydrated. Ice water is refreshing and has an immediate effect on your body, taking away some of that warmth and helping with nausea. Keep a glass of ice water or cold club soda next to your bed at night to sip. In later months of your pregnancy, your baby might reward you by giving you a gentle kick or turning as she feels the cooling sensation.

Layer Your Clothing - Layer clothing, particularly if you work in an air conditioned or heated environment or have to walk outside at various times throughout your day. By layering your clothing, you can peel off or put on layers to keep your temperature more constant. At night, wear a lightweight, absorbent tee shirt (bamboo fabric is especially great for this purpose) and keep a warm robe or throw nearby to place upon any body parts that get cool during the night.

Open the Windows - Fresh air can help you to remain cool. Take a quick walk every few hours during the day and focus on breathing. Leave the windows open at night (everyone else in the household can put on more covers—you can't!) and on very hot days, stay in the air conditioning or keep a small fan nearby. In the car, don't wear a heavy coat. Adjust your car's thermostat so that you're comfortable, and so that no warm air is blowing directly on your face or torso.

Eat Soft Peppermints - There's a specific type of peppermint candy that is infused with air and melt quickly. Unlike hard peppermints, these have a milder flavor and while they feel hard in your mouth, they crumble easily. Keep a handful of these peppermints nearby and pop one into your mouth, especially when a wave of nausea hits. This is particularly effective in the car.

Eat Cold Foods - If you're going through a particularly difficult stretch of nausea, try eating only cold foods. Have a cold pasta salad, yogurt, or even cold pizza. Try cold, flavored cream cheese on crackers. Cold meat, cheese, or egg salad can give you a much needed boost of protein and carbohydrates. Popsicles are very effective at heading off nausea. Try a cold milkshake or smoothie. Cold, crunchy fruits are great for texture and nutrition.

Use Mouthwash - Mint mouthwash not only cools your mouth but has the added benefit of helping to keep your mouth clean. If you gag while brushing your teeth, mouthwash without alcohol can be used with your toothbrush and does not fill your mouth with bubbles as toothpaste does, which is partly responsible for creating the gag reflex.

Use Water - If you have access to a pool, go swimming! Keep a cold, wet washcloth nearby and use it around your neck or on your forehead. Forgo a hot shower in the morning for a warm one so that you don't get overheated. Use a mister, water in a spray bottle, or even a blow-up kiddy pool to keep you cool during warmer months.

Use a Cool Patch - Your local drugstore carries various types of cool packs and patches that will help you remain cool even on the hottest summer days.

Morning sickness is different for everyone, and everyone goes through various likes and dislikes during pregnancy. Try a few of these suggestions, or develop some of your own! The important thing is to stay cool! As always, check with your doctor and avoid any extremes so you and your baby remain safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy.

author: Lorie Fuller

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