Obesity and Heart Disease

Is obesity linked to heart disease?

One of the main reasons those who are obese need to lose fat is because being obese can lead to many different medical problems including heart disease. When someone is obese, it is best for their health for them to research, and find the best weight loss program available to them. The following paragraphs will discuss obesity and heart disease, as well as some weight loss options available to the obese.

Although obesity is one of the major causes of heart disease, there are other health problems it can cause. These health issues can include:

  • increased blood pressure levels
  • increased risk of diabetes inducement
  • increased risk of high bad cholesterol levels

Obesity can also cause the increased risk of low good cholesterol levels, as well as increase the risk of having a stroke. These are several good reasons for those affected by obesity should seek a way to lose fat by consulting with a nutritionist or a doctor.

Even if you are not at risk to have inherited heart disease from your parents, if you are obese, you run an increased risk. Being obese often causes damage not only to blood vessels, but to the heart, as well. To lose fat, and decrease the chances of major heart damage, serious actions must be taken.

No matter what weight loss plan is chosen, calorie intake must be decreased, as well as physical activity increased. Obesity is most often caused when a person has a typical calorie intake that exceeds the amount of calories they burn off in a day. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary for someone who is obese to make major changes in their normal day to day living in order to decrease their risk of heart disease, as well as help protect them against the other health problems previously mentioned.

Sometimes decreasing calorie intake, in addition to increasing physical activity isn't enough to help someone who is obese to reach their weight loss goals. When this is the case, the doctor will often add prescription medication to his or her weight loss plan. This type of medication aids in suppressing the appetite of the person who is trying to lose fat. By losing fat, the risk of heart disease goes down.

Increasing physical activity does not necessarily mean that someone who is obese is now expected to rush out and get a gym membership. Some tips to help increase physical activity and lose fat include:

  • When you go to the store, chose a parking spot that is further away from the entrance than you normally would.
  • If you work in an office building with several floors, occasionally take the stairs as opposed to always taking the elevator.
  • Make it a point to walk around your house or apartment building every few days.

You may not see yourself lose fat immediately because weight loss can take time. Just remember three things. Be dedicated. Be consistent. Be patient. Your health could depend on it.

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