Ross Castle and its Medieval Charm

Owned by the O'Donoghue clan, this ancestral house is found at the Lough Lane's edge in Killarney National park of County Kerry. This castle was established during the late 15th century by the then powerful clan of the O'Donoghues though the ownership of it was transferred in the height of the 1580's Desmond Rebellion. Ross castle is built in the medieval times where the design remains that of the influences of the Irish chieftains from the towers to the fortifications. It is an old structure, built during the 1500s, and is being restored according to modern-day models decorated with classic furnishings.

A popular belief spread about this castle is O'Donoghue's strange disappearance from the castle. Legend has it that he jumped out of the window of the grand chamber and was vacuumed in to the lake together with his horse, table, and even his library. Now, it is believed that O'Donoghue is somewhere at the bottom of the lake enjoying himself in a wonderful kingdom where he watches every movement that he sees intently.

Aside from these intriguing and interesting stories about the place there are also lots of things that a visitor can do in Ross Castle. He may want to choose to have a stay at the castle and let himself be amused by the wonderful sightings and be pleased by the breath-taking views from the windows. He may also opt to have a walk around the area and examine the remains of the ancient walls and fortresses of the castle.

There are available boat trips away from Ross castle through the lake during summer days. During these trips, visitors will also be given the chance to visit the Inisfallen Island where Inisfallen abbey is located. This castle is situated along the picturesque driving path of Ring of Kerry and the hiking walks of Kerry Way. It is 9 miles away from the Galway City and it frames Connemara.

Ross Castle also gives the tourists accommodation offers to let them enjoy the beautiful place and the wonderful nature. The visitors would be allowed to stay at cottages or apartments where they would be able to marvelous scenes of the forest, mountains, parks and lakes. Tourists could spend a week or two in this romantic spot and live like a queen and a king do. A stay at the Ross Castle is one unforgettable experience that visitors of the place should never miss.

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