So Many Beauty Products and Nowhere to Go

One thing about perfecting your own beauty treatment is finding a place to store the stuff or products that you buy to try. After all, you can only hide so many bottles of body wash and body scrubs behind the bath towels before someone realizes what it is that you are doing.

Finding new hiding spots, because you already own enough products to keep a girl's dormitory in good supply, can be a real challenge. Or maybe you think you are clever about hiding the extra bath salts in an empty tissue box that you saved from sure death only to have it hit the trash anyway along with the bath salts that you were saving for a special occasion.

At any rate, not buying a new body lotion or body scrub, simply because you have nowhere to keep it is a bad idea. After all, this newest product could be the one that does the trick. Maybe the solution lies in a creative way to store your products.

Many of the bath and beauty products on the market today come in adorable gift baskets, boxes, or bags. Why not keep your products stored together in one of those and alternate the products inside the basket that makes its home in your powder room?

Better yet, purchase an oversized plastic bath tote that allows you to carry around a larger variety than you'll need in any given day. This way, you can choose what you use each day based upon your mood on that day.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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