Soft as a Baby’s Behind

Soft skin might be ours when we are first born, but over the years, it takes a lot of wear and tear. It doesn't take long either for that soft as a baby's behind feel to go away. Let's face it. We all want younger looking skin that simply glistens with beauty. We can have it too if we simply remember to take care of our skin before it actually needs it.

Wrinkled skin can make us look older than we really are. That's exactly why we need to take care of our skin before it starts showing signs of age. Soft, luxurious skin can help to maintain our youthful looks. Youthful looks can perform magic on their own. After all, doors open for young, beautiful women

Every woman should incorporate a regimen of daily skin care treatments that help to keep her skin as fresh as the day she was born. Mother Nature provides us with special ingredients including lanolin, primrose oil, aloe, and more. Manufacturers use these ingredients in combination with wonderful scents and oils to create products that treat our skin gently and lovingly

Hand creams in fruity scents are all the rage right now from the teeny bop crowd all the way up to the older, but let's not say how much older, crowd. In addition to giving our skin the moisturizing boost that it needs, the fresh, zingy scents give our spirits a real boost in the right direction. Plus, the packaging is so bright and colorful that it makes it easy to locate our hand creams without a hitch

Try some of the imported Australian hand creams that are available in orange and watermelon, banana and blueberry, mango and passion fruit, or strawberry, wildberry, and raspberry scents. Enjoy a bit of decadent luxury as your skin softens with a new found glow.

author: Susan M. Keenan

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