The Beautiful Wicklow Mountains National Park

Wicklow Mountains National Park

This National Park is located on the east coast portion of Ireland in the County of Wicklow. This park is a part of the mountain range framing the County of Wicklow with fascinating heathlands and blanket bogs as part of the view. There were also lovely and magnificent streams flowing freely as it goes to the direction of the lakes, valleys, until it reaches the lowlands. Every piece of the natural wonders completes this wonderful and extraordinary view. Nobody visiting the County of Wicklow in Ireland would ever want to miss this enchanting and exotic place.

The Wicklow National Park also gives home to a variety of animal and plant species and so the park is aimed at preserving these national treasure with the park's main objective of protecting and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem and biodiversity. Both the tourists and the locals alike enjoy this wonderful gift of nature plus other leisure activities available in the area. Out of the million tourists of this spot, the visitors' most favorite area is the lovely Glendalough Valley. In this valley one would find the medieval monastery where St. Kevin settled. This also becomes an excellent summer get-away destinations because of the sense of adventure, being one with nature, and seclusion from the chaotic city life.

The Glendalough Visitor Centre offers different guided tours along the monastic ruins. This center is situated by the Upper Lake of Glendalough. On the other hand, the National Park Information Office had displays on the wildlife and is where trailers would usually start their walks.

This National Park is founded in 1991 and The Wicklow Mountains National Park is included in the rich possessions of the citizens of Ireland. It covers a vast and wide space of an upland area of Ireland. It is considered as one of the country's most captivating localities. The natural land forms, such as the 400 million year old mountain ranges and all the freshly glaciated features, when combined with all the various biodiversities, like the large population of deer thriving in the open spaces of the mountain, available in the area blend together and form one stunning scene.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the place any time of the day seven days a week. The Wicklow Mountains National Park has no restrictions and tourists are free to engage in to whatever activity they wish to enlist themselves into.

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