Fitness Equipment You Need For Your Own Home Gym

Do you dream of having that perfect well-toned body, but you don't have the time or motivation to go to the nearest fitness center? If that's the case, why not consider buying some fitness equipment and converting your house into a gym?

Setting up a gym at your own home is easy to accomplish. No need to buy every fitness equipment you can get your hands on, as you'll spend more than it's necessary and you won't have space at home for all those fitness equipment.

The first thing you should do is find out what fitness equipment you need for your personal gym. Here are some fitness equipment suggestions to get you started:

Dumbbell set

most come in 5 lbs, 8 lbs, and 12 lbs weight size. Make sure to pick a pair that has rubber handle grip. A good quality dumbbell should be inexpensive, should not roll away when placed down on the floor and should come with its own rack.

Barbell set

this set often comes included with the dumbbells and also comes in different weight levels. Barbells are a good addition to dumbbells because as you get stronger from lifting dumbbells you want to progress on to lifting the heavier barbells to give your body a different workout. Barbells work various parts of your body such as the upper- and the mid-sections. Barbells can also increase your body stamina.


steps are available in different height levels. They provide good aerobics and muscle-strengthening workout.

Exercise balls

they help improve your balance and you body core strength. Exercise balls are widely used for abdominal workouts. For intermediate users the exercise ball can be used together with a weight bench to workout the stabilizer muscles while doing bench presses. Exercise balls can also be used for pushups, back extensions and lower body exercises.

Weight lifting glove set

it helps protect your hands during weight training. It helps prevent swollen hands and rough calluses. A solid pair of weight lifting gloves is made from fabric that is comfortable and also allows sweat from the hand to evaporate so that the weights are less likely to slip out of your hands while weight training.

Ankle weights

they are considered one of the cheaper fitness equipment. Ankle weights are commonly used for body toning and muscular endurance training so as to prevent muscle injury in the lower region.

Exercise mat

it can be used for floor workouts. Try not to workout on your house carpet in case you slip and injure yourself. Make sure that you select a no-slip mat.

Having a gym with these fitness equipment in your house is much more economical and you'll now have all the time in the world for workout activities.

author: Susan Jan

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