The Pleasures of Hill walking

Hill Walking in Ireland

Hill walking is a very relaxing activity and experience especially when you are visiting Ireland's prime tourist spots. The climate allows you to walk to and fro different routes and mountain trails. There are a lot of places to choose from and you only have to consider yourself and your own desires. This is not only entertaining but also educational because you get to see Ireland's pride personally and first-hand. Hill walking must be included in your list of to-do things while you are staying in Ireland.

The most obvious question here, especially for first-timers, is where one should start. How far one should aim at first try and what are usual goals for this. First you may check a variety of routes to choose from, check the pathways and possible stopovers for long walks or you just stick to shorter routes at the beginning. The point here is to take pleasure in the beautiful sceneries and make the most out of your journey. Just feel the nature come into you and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Glendalough, the Two Lakes, and St Kevin

This spot is positioned at the south of Dublin. Glendalough is the location of the monastery founded by St. Kevin. You may choose to walk around the lake or the Wicklow National Park and enjoy the feel of nature within your reach.

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry, and the Kerry Way, are probably the most visited and walked routes in Ireland. Enjoy the lavish up-close feel with nature and roam around the beautiful Kerry hills. This alternative recreational activity is way better than spending your day in a chaotic environment. Also take the time to reflect and attune to your own self. Search for the inner you and learn much from that experience.

Dublin, Ireland

Of course, a tourist must never forget to visit the heart of the country - Dublin - where lots of interesting pubs and romantic restaurants are present. This must be added to your list of itineraries because of its rich and lively culture you will never encounter in any place but in Dublin.

Wicklow Way

If you are on the adventurous side, try walking the Wicklow Way. This is Ireland's first long distance walking trail. This beautifully desolate route is the have for those who wanted to relax and escape from the noise of the city. A longer walk means a longer journey which spells more excitement.

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