What not to miss when visiting Ireland

View of the river Liffey, Dublin

If you really want to relax and leave a chaotic and noisy city life, forget the world and the stressing work loads, then Ireland is your paradise. Any kind of dynamic or even self-indulgent activities are present in the wide array of major tourist attractions that can be found in Ireland. The nice people, clean and well-maintained facilities, and world-class visitor centers were additional attractions to the country's magnificent tourism. Before you know it, you are already infected with the virus of infatuation for the Irish national treasures.

But you never learn to appreciate the beauty of this country by just looking around at pictures and online resources. It would really be worth your time and money to spend about a week or two in enjoying spectacular sceneries that can be found among the various national parks, mountain ranges, lakes, cliffs, monasteries, etc. Experience it first-hand, have a look around the place.

The Guinness Brewery, Dublin

If you want to purchase or even just visit its museum detailing the Guinness history and the events across the globe that made it to the list of the most wonderful and unbelievable occurrences that ever happened in the world.

The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare

These breathtaking cliffs will take you both literally and metaphorically to greater heights for its captivating and marvelous view of the coast. More info on the Cliffs of Moher

County Wicklow

This county is overshadowed by many mountains and mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, blanket bogs and heathlands, and of course, the Wicklow Mountains National Park. It is also the home to a diverse wildlife with the local government focused on the preserving the natural balance of the county and park's ecosystem.

Trinity College, Dublin

The Trinity College is another Dublin pride known for the precious ancient Irish documents (i.e., Book of Kells and Book of Durrow) stored in the college's library referred to as The Old Library.

Galway City

Galway is one of Ireland's liveliest cities. It is best visited and toured by foot with almost every street of it pedestrianised and open for public viewing.

Blarney Stone, County Cork

Blarney Stone is positioned on the northwestern portion of Cork city about five miles from it. The Blarney Castle built in 1446 is found in this small town. Traditions say that world renowned Blarney stone endows any one who kisses it with the gift of eloquence or expressiveness. You no longer need to fear speaking up your mind. Try your luck in this rare and interesting stone.

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